Schooling Areas

Schooling Grounds

We have a variety of schooling hurdles and fences on both grass and all-weather surfaces. We ensure that our horses are schooled on a weekly basis by our regular jockey to allow them to develop confidence when negotiating obstacles. Also, the horses use different muscles when jumping compared to galloping, so we feel it’s important to allow them to use their bodies over hurdles and/or fences regularly to ensure the muscle memory is also trained and maintained.

In addition, we have a selection of logs, tyres, barrels, an open ditch running alongside the gallops to include variety and gain experience before running. We also use our show jumps in the outdoor school, this is a handy tool for teaching the babies how to jump. 

Three Bay Starting Stalls

This is a brilliant tool to give our youngsters some experience, we have it in the middle of our round gallop on a flat surface to ensure the youngsters the best chance to learn. We also take all our un-raced flat horses for a pre-race stalls test which is carried out ahead of racing on a race day. This doubles up as not only a test to ensure they are sufficiently trained for the starting stalls but also an opportunity to introduce the young horses to the hustle and bustle of the racecourse.

Wolverhampton Racecourse 

We are very fortunate to be close to Wolverhampton Racecourse. We take our unraced horses to give them the opportunity to take in what a race day would entail, going past the stands, TV screens and extensive white rails. The older horses also enjoy an outing somewhere different from time to time.

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