Loose School

Outdoor School 70ft x 50ft 

We have a large school which has a mixed surface of sand and carpet. It’s the ideal place for the horses to be warmed up and assessed by Alastair before heading off up to the gallops. Due to its significant size and propensity not to freeze, it also acts as an alternative schooling area when the ground is frozen in winter. We use the school regularly with the youngsters, this is a safe environment where we can put poles out to give them extra education.

Lunge/Breaking Pen

With a carpet surface and high blocked walls, this is the ideal place for us to break the youngsters in and get them balanced on both reins. We also use the lunge pen for the horses needing some extra work to build their muscles up, using a lunging aid such as a pessoa is a great way to build up the muscle without any weight on their backs.

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